how to spend your days in marrakech

November 30, 2018

12 Things To Do In Marrakech Based On Your Personality

When you arrive in Marrakech, you will quickly get an idea of how many activities and adventures await you. With all of these choices at hand, indulge in experiences you will not regret. We can help you choose the activities that best suit your personality and the memories you want to cherish most after your […]

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Marrakech riad

October 26, 2018

The Suite Life Of a Marrakech Riad: What To Expect Upon Entry

A Riad in Marrakech rarely resembles another. Every one has its own unique “imprint”, especially when it comes to its design and aesthetics. The same is true with Le Farnatchi. What can you expect to see if you choose Le Farnatchi as your home during your Marrakech trip?   The Appeal Of Our Marrakech Riad […]

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September 7, 2018

The Advantages Of Staying At a Marrakech Riad Over a Hotel

Morocco is a land filled with picturesque scenery that will stay in one’s memory for life. For many people, the hotels of Morocco are the icing on the cake. However, as appealing as these resorts can be, an even more satisfying experience awaits travelers at a riad in Marrakech. A Riad in Marrakech: A Stay […]

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The Advantages Of Staying At a Marrakech Riad Over a Hotel